Friday, September 5, 2014

"...How To Make A Tent"

From the Alt. Bible. Errancy discussion list, July 5, 2000:

Does anyone see anything slightly ironic in that the putative
maker of the entire universe, who creates stars, planets,

galaxies, and black holes, needs to get down to what can
only be called micro-micro-micro managing such as the
following, from Exodus 25:23, "Then make a table of acacia
wood, 3 feet long, 1 1/2 feet wide, and 2 1/4 feet high." [NLT].
Apparently God, while not busy making stars, humans, and
dinosaurs, has the time and inclination to tell a bunch of
tribespeople EXACTLY how to build a table? Would it matter

to God in his vast, inconceivable majesty if the length were not
exactly 3 feet? Would the death penalty apply for this error?
Would anyone care to say why God needs the table to be this
exact way? Is it possible for anyone to believe this stuff and
not feel silly about it?

You've used one of my favorite examples of the absurdity in
believing that the Bible is the verbally inspired "word of God."
Of all of the useful information the omniscient, omnipotent deity
who created the universe could have passed along to us, he
neglected it so that he could instead devote the last 15 chapters
of Exodus to detailed instructions on how to make a tent.
Farrell Till

[Comment: All those words and trivial, detailed instructions in
the Pentateuch and not one warning to the Hebrews about an
eternal hell. Interesting...kwh]

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