Thursday, January 19, 2017

Christian Idiocy

The utterly idiotic conclusion that must be drawn from biblical belief, especially considering the New Testament teaching that many will wind up in hell and few in heaven, Mt 7:13-14From  *The Skeptical Review*, Mailbag 1995 / July-August:

Yet another argument that could be used in refuting the fundamentalist justification of the Bible god's orders to kill infants (that all who die before reaching the "age of accountability" get to go to heaven) is that such actions are unfair to those who die after reaching that "age."

Unlike the rest of us, those babies whom the Bible god wanted killed got to go to heaven for eternity without having to make the conscious decision to accept the right religious creeds. They had no trial period that could've jeopardized their eternal fate. Since all of us were babies before, and since babies don't have much control over what happens to them, it is an absolute travesty of justice that some have gotten to go to heaven simply because they were lucky enough to die during their infancy. It is simply a matter of chance that those of us who didn't die during infancy didn't.

Hope we can set up another debate with you. Keep up the good work.
(Mr.X, name and address withheld by Is It God's Word? blog))

EDITOR'S NOTE: [Mr. X] makes a point similar to what I have argued with fundamentalists who try to justify the Yahwistic massacres of children and babies in the Old Testament on the grounds that they went to heaven instead of growing up to become wicked like their parents. I suggest to those who make this asinine argument that instead of being so eager to send out preachers and missionaries to save the lost, churches should organize hit squads to go into maternity and pediatric wards and kill all of the innocent babies and children so that they will go to heaven instead of growing up to become wicked like their parents. They would probably send far more souls to heaven than they have been doing through evangelization methods. I might also add that rather than bombing abortion clinics and assassinating those who work there, fundamentalists should set up their own clinics and encourage women to use them. Just think how many more souls they would be able to send to heaven. As for the eternal destiny of those who participated in such baby massacres, we would think that a just, benevolent god would surely reward them for their good deeds.

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