Friday, October 14, 2016

A Basic Logical Axiom

From the Errancy Discussion list, 7-26-99:
Then why does Till always complain that he shouldn't have 
to  prove that Jesus didn't rise from the dead?  If it is so easy, 
why does he not then do it?  Is it because he cannot?  

Theo, any rational person could show that it is so unlikely 
that fairies exist that the possibility that they do exist 
doesn't deserve even a measure of serious consideration, 
but,  of course, no one can prove absolutely and beyond all 
doubt that fairies do NOT exist.  The same can be shown 
about the resurrection of Jesus, but since I am not the one 
asserting that he rose from the dead, I really have no 
responsibility to prove that he did NOT rise from the dead.  
Do you feel any responsibility to prove that the angel Moroni 
did NOT appear to Joseph Smith? I don't think you do. 

You just can't seem to grasp the logical axiom that says he 
who asserts must prove, so when you issue demands that 
those who don't believe in your resurrected savior-god prove 
that  Jesus did NOT rise from the dead, to rational people, you 
come off looking as foolish as someone demanding that the 
nonexistence of fairies be proven.

Farrell Till

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