Friday, April 1, 2016

Exceptional Claims Require Exceptional Evidence

A short discussion between Farrell Till and a Christian, Brian, on 
the necessity of exceptional evidence for the exceptional claims of 
religionists--which never seem to materialize for some reason. From 
Alt. Bible Errancy discussion list, Jan. 2, 1999:

Please explain to us what is "monotonous" and "unscholarly 
cynical" about asking for reasonable evidence that exceptional 
claims are true. Muslims make exceptional claims about their 
religion. Hindus make exceptional claims about their religion. 
Mormons make exceptional claims about their religion. Is it
your position that such claims should be accepted without 
question? If not, then please explain to us why you think 
that your exceptional claims about the Bible should be accepted 
without question. In other words, what makes your exceptional 
claims so exceptional that they should be made exceptions to 
the widely recognized rule of evidence that says that exceptional 
claims require exceptional evidence? Would you do us a favor 
and actually try to answer an argument for a change?

Again, the SUBJECT of the discussion is religious war in the
name of GOd. Why don't you stop begging the question and 
answer it?

Your statement begs the very question of the existence of a 
god in whose name the religious war can be fought. At any
rate, although this may have been the subject of discussion, 
your comments on the subject constantly beg questions that 
you should try to prove before presenting them as assertions
apparently intended to prove your case. Therefore, it is 
appropriate to point out to you this logical fallacy that you
constantly resort to. The fact is that you can hardly write a 
sentence without resorting to question begging.

Because man is a liar and perverts God's truth through his sins,
does that make God a liar?

This statement confirms what I just said above. It begs the 
questions of (1) the existence of "God's truth," (2) the reality 
of sin, and (3) the existence of God.

Farrell Till

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