Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Ark Technology

Noah allegedly had the technology to build a seaworthy 450 ft. long wooden ship that could carry massive cargo for a year. How did this technology disappear after the flood? Since the flood, builders of wooden ships have failed to go past the 300 ft. long limit for such a vessel as the Ark. From the Errancy discussion list, January 1997:

Indeed, the flood itself argues that technology levels would have been lowered following the flood.

To the contrary, Noah lived for 350 years after the flood (Gen. 9:28), and Shem lived for 500 years after the flood (Gen. 11:11). These two had developed a shipbuilding technology that surpassed anything that the world has ever seen, because they were able to make an all-wooden ship that was 150 feet longer than the barrier that would later baffle modern shipbuilders. Yet that remarkable technology disappeared from the face of the earth, even though Noah and Shem had centuries to teach it to others before they died. The fact that no remarkable ships like the ark were made after the flood is enough to convince reasonable people that the ark was just a legend.

Mr. Till, no technology lost following the flood? It seems incredible that Noah's family alone contained all the technology of the world. Furthermore, no additional arks were needed after the flood. God did not ask for another.

Now that's a strange comment for a biblical inerrantist to make. According to the Genesis story of the flood "all flesh died that moved upon the earth, both birds, and cattle, and beasts, and every creeping thing that creeps upon the earth, and EVERY MAN, all in whose nostrils was the breath of the spirit of life, of all that was on the dry land died" (Gen. 7:21).

Now if this is a true statement, the only humans who survived this disaster were Noah and his wife and their three sons and their wives, eight people altogether. So why does it seem incredible to you that "Noah's family alone contained all the technology of the world"? Who else would there have been? So if Noah was so advanced in the ability to smelt and forge iron, as you seem to believe that Aubrey has brilliantly proven, how do you explain that this technology disappeared after the flood? Surely, Noah and his family would have recognized the value that iron had in construction work and would have used it extensively. So why don't archaeologists find sites dating back to Noah's time that contain numerous iron objects? Furthermore, since Noah lived after the flood for 350 years and Shem lived for 500, why didn't their knowledge of iron forging and shipbuilding spread with the growth of their descendants?

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