Monday, July 14, 2014

Supernatural Claims

Farrell Till responds to a believer in biblical supernatural claims (from the Errancy discussion list):

I accept historical records for which there is no good reason to think that they are inaccurate. When historical records claim the occurrence of the supernatural, I do not accept the claims, because it is more reasonable to believe that the records have exaggerated or lied or passed along unconfirmed tradition or rumors than that these occurrences actually happened.

Now I predict that this is exactly what you do EXCEPT for supernatural claims recorded in the Bible. Tell me if you accept the Mormon claim, for which firsthand testimony exists, that an angel delivered to Joseph Smith golden plates on which the Book of Mormon had been transcribed in "reformed" Egyptian characters. Now if you reject this claim, please tell me why you accept the NT claim, for which there is NO firsthand testimony, that an angel came down and rolled the stone away from the tomb of Jesus.

Farrell Till

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