Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Take Your Pick

The late Joseph Crea was a fixture on the old alt.bible.errancy discussion list. He along with Farrell Till and a few others brought rationality and common sense to their discussions with die-hard inerrantists--pointing out with clarity the many discrepancies in the Bible. The following from May 17, 2000, is one of those instances:

frixen3 wrote:
Christians then do not pray to the cross. The cross is a reminder 
to us what was done there. We must also remember that "without 
the shedding of blood, there is no remission of sin." (Hebrews 9:22).


Funny, that's not what YHWH tells the Israelites back in the 
Old Testament. Take a look at Leviticus chapter 5, which 
covers the sacrifices needed to expiate sins. Starting at verse 
5 we read that the optimal sacrifice is a female sheep or goat, 
but [continuing at verse 6] if the contrite sinner can't afford 
such, then two doves will do. Proceeding to verses 11-13 we 
learn that if the repentant sinner can't even afford 2 doves, 
THEN AN OFFERING OF FLOUR would suffice to produce 
forgiveness of his sins. Blood, we can therefore see, is NOT 
A NECESSITY for the forgiveness of sins. Either the writer of 
Hebrews got it wrong, or else the author of Leviticus did. 
Take your pick.

  With Mettaa,

  Joseph Crea

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