Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Communicator's Responsibility

by Kenneth W. Hawthorne
"It is always the writer's duty to communicate. It isn't the readers' responsibility to try to figure out what the writer meant."  Farrell Till (college English teacher for over 30 years).

I had a Church of Christ preacher tell me one time that the apostle Paul wrote the book of Romans using the language of a lawyer. The preacher seemed to look with pride upon Paul who was so educated that he was able to write like this. But why would Paul (allegedly guided by the Holy Spirit) do such a poor job of communicating to the average person who doesn't understand such difficult language? Especially considering whether one winds up in heaven or hell depends on understanding such writing.

With heaven and hell in the balance, one would think that the alleged omni-God Yahweh would have incontrovertibly proven his existence to each person individually. Then, after that was done, at the very least, communicated his will in writing with no errors and so plain and clear that there would be no need to try to figure out what he meant. An omni-God should have wanted to and been able to do this.

But, alas, such is not the case, adding more proof that Yahweh can not be God and  that the Bible is purely a work of man.

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