Sunday, July 24, 2011

Responsibility, What Is Yahweh's Policy?

by Kenneth W. Hawthorne

"God didn't bring sin into the world."

My reply:
But if he is all-knowing didn't he know this would happen? Didn't he know that if he went ahead and created humans knowing their obviously flawed nature that things would go terribly bad? And that would have to be the biggest understatement ever made. Here he is before he ever created the first human, and he looks into the future and sees that if he creates man--under these circumstances--that billions of them will wind up in his eternal--ETERNAL hell. And he creates them anyway!? Did he need something so badly that he had to create man under these atrocious circumstances? No, because he is billed as being perfect and complete--therefore he needs nothing. So that means he was willing for all these billions of humans, that he allegedly loved, to be tortured in hell for eternity for some reason that wasn't even necessary! No loving [human] would go ahead and conceive a child they knew was destined for eternal hell. And God is supposed to be ALL-loving. God should be better than any human...No, sorry, this just doesn't add up.

This was my reply to a Christian on the Debunking Christianity blog. The Christian was basically saying that God didn't bring sin into the world, Adam and Eve did. So it's man's fault, not God's that most people will wind up in hell. But an honest search for truth demands that one go all the way back to before Yahweh allegedly created the first human. One has to wonder, responsibilitywhat is Yahweh's policy? (in this video look at the expressions on the faces of the people who have just witnessed someone acting responsibly--the example set by the responsible actions of these people is wonderfully contagious.) Now ask yourself what type of an example is the "perfect" Yahweh setting. When people are more responsible than the being who is alleged to be the omni God, something is terribly wrong.

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